About Us

I started Main Construction and Landscape because I have always been creative.  I airbrushed for many years and was a pretty good artist with different mediums including sculpting.  I wanted a job that would incorporate all of my skills & be a benefit to customers.  A lot of the time, people have a hard time visualizing what their project will look like.  We help with design ideas as well as take the clients’ preferences into consideration while making suggestions.  We want the client to get what they have envisioned in their minds.  Main Construction will stick out above everyone else because of the quality of work we do, for a reasonable price, with honesty and integrity.

We look forward to working on your project with you!



Nick Main & The Main Construction and Landscape Team


Main Constriction and Landscape is a Licensed and Bonded and Insured Company

ROC# (Registrar of Contract) 209358 - 209359 - 215939 - 226530