Get Started With Your Project

Getting started, the first move, can be scary. We would like to help make it easy! The first thing you can do, is simply call us to chat: (928) 530-1659.

When doing a project, there are a couple things you will want to have ready or at least have started to think about:

  • What is the overall project
  • Do you have a budget specified
  • Are there any special circumstances
  • Do you have a time frame for your project
  • When are you ready to start

Often times, our clients will call and have only half of this information, and thats FINE! We can help fill in the rest. How do we do this? We come to you! Thats right, FREE estimates and a consultation to talk about your needs!

So, the very first thing to do after you have given some thought to your project is to CALL TODAY: (928) 530-1659.

Why is it so important to call? We get it, most folks don't want to get caught up in some sales trap, and we don't want to trap you, we want to help.

When we say help, here's what we mean:

  • Information gathering
  • Consulting on what your project is and how to best achieve that
  • When we can do your project and how much it will cost you AND, last but not least, helping you with design!

Most homeowners have some idea about what they want (or you're the rare person who already knows for sure) but some have no idea where to start and thats fine! We have an in house designer who will come out and help you pick materials and features and even in some cases mediate between you and your partner. 

OKAY, so what is holding you back now?

CALL TODAY to get a FREE ESTIMATE: (928) 530-1659